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15 World’s Most Dangerous Cities (15 Images)

When it comes to establishing the level of danger of a particular city, many factors need to be considered such as murder rate, crime, dangerous roads, and infrastructure. Even political conflicts could degenerate into a serious threat to the civilians. However, if locals might be used to the dangers of their city and even know how to avoid them and protect themselves, travelers and tourists need to do some research and get informed when they decide to visit a high-risk city. Without proper information, the level of safety for a tourist will be a lot lower than for a local, due to their lack of knowledge when it comes to domestic risks and how to prevent them. Let’s look at some of the most dangerous cities around the world and see what you should look for when you decide to visit them.

Baltimore, United State

Baltimore city is considered a highly dangerous city due to its murder rate which makes it the second most dangerous city in the USA after Detroit. The increased crime rate is due to the presence of drug dealers and gangsters that populate the streets and people involved with this illegal world of Baltimore are usually victims of murder. However, others who have no connections with this aspect seem to not be at any particular risk, other than the average crime rate met around the world. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and the 29th most populated city in the country, which also contributes to its high crime rate but also to its beauty and popularity.

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