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20 Mysterious Places In The World! (20 Images)

The world is full of fascinating and mysterious places. As tempting as it might be, visiting them all is not always possible for all of us. But hearing their stories can give you chills and sparkle your curiosity every time. Some are famous but some are still undiscovered by the public eye, and they have some wild secrets to share. And others might merely make you believe in paranormal events that you didn’t take so seriously before. The fascination of the unknown is a great stimulation, and we are about to dive into some deep mysteries. Get ready to know some creepy stories and piece of history that will make you want to know more. Let’s look at the most mysterious places in the world and see what the story behind them is!

Akodessewa Fetish Market – Togo

The Akodessewa Fetish Market is the world’s biggest voodoo market. It is located in the capital of West Africa, Tago, in the Lome area. You can see everything that you can think of related to voodoo practices in this market. From skin of dead animals, monkey heads, skulls and skeletons, dead birds or crocodiles and furs. Voodoo has a long history in West Africa, and it is even more established in Tago. Such practices go on for centuries in Tago. In West Africa, saints of Christianity were mixed with African Gods and created a set of new spiritual practices. These practices suffered modifications over time, and they became the Voodoo rituals of nowadays. Tourists go to Tago for this market, and they find the objects and experiences overwhelming even for the skeptics.

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