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10 Fascinating Vehicle Graveyards In The World (10 Images)

Vehicle graveyards are depressing and can be overwhelming if you are a car lover. But they do exist, and they are kept all over the world. Like a memory of what those vehicles once were a piece of history when it comes to technological evolution. But also, an impressive sight to visit and get chills down your spine. All these aspects make the vehicle graveyards some of the most attractive and intriguing places in the world. And here are ten of fascinating ones that you should know about!

A Motorcycle Graveyard in Upstate New York

The motorcycle graveyard from Lockport, New York, is the eerie image of a lost and fascinating dream. Its former owner, Kohl, had a passion for motorcycles, especially Japanese ones. He gathered many over the years and sold the collection in 1997. The new owner planned to develop the place into a productive motorcycle business. But the costs were so high that he couldn’t support it, and the entire collection was left to rust. Local authorities took control of the graveyard and the bikes, without allowing visitors. The first and only pictures of the cemetery appeared in April of 2010 on the internet. Motorcycle lovers worldwide were impressed and overwhelmed at the same time.

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