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10 Most Unusual And Unique Trees Around The World! (10 Images)

Nature has unusual ways to astonish us and trees are by far the most impressive of them all. While most trees might not catch your attention, some are hard to pass by unnoticed. They have unique shapes, colors and fantastic history. And people created a lot of stories and even superstitions around such trees. These are the natural miracles that made it top ten most unusual trees in the world!

An Antarctic Beech in Oregon

The Antarctic Beech in Oregon is also known as the Lophozonia moorei, as its scientific name. The trees in this region can reach 25 meters height and have full trunks with one meter in diameter. The bark is a dark brown color, and the maximum height they can get to is 50 meters. These trees have deep left of dark green, red and orange colors. Their colors tend to adapt to each season and create a natural spectacle for the viewer. In autumn, they drop most of their leaves and reveal their unusual branches that can’t pass by unnoticed. A particularity of these trees is that they host both male and female plants in the same tree.

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