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15 Photos That Reflect The Human Experience! (15 Images)

The human nature is full of wonders and remarkable experiences. It is a shame that most of these fantastic moments remained unnoticed and lost in the corner of memory when they deserve all the attention in the world. In times of war, death and catastrophic disasters, humans find the strength to stay united in love and faith. We all have to learn from their power and use it to enrich our souls with the divine force of love. Here are 15 photographs that will help you have faith in humanity again!

Buddhist Monk Shares Meal With Tiger

Buddhist monks developed an extraordinary relationship with the wild animals hosted at the “Tiger Temple,” founded in 1994 in Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, Thailand. In spite of unproven accusations concerning animal mistreatment, a Buddhist monk was surprised sharing his meal with one of the 135 Indochinese tigers. It is a lesson that shows us everything should be done in love and compassion between humans and animals equally.

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