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20 Photos You Need To Look At Twice! (20 Images)

You know the definition of ‘optical illusion’ where you are entirely left perplexed looking at an image. Take a closer look, and you may be able to unearth the mystery in these photos. The digital age has meant that millions of images are being clicked every hour and photographers are trying every trick in the book to capture images that force you to take a second look to get the real story in the frame. While some of these are caught by accidents, others are a thoughtful expression of trick or creative photography. Some shutterbugs are taking this even further and make use of image editing tools such as Photoshop to create a sense of sensation and excitement for others. In this feature, we take a look at some of these images that have gone viral on the Internet and will force you to have a second look.

The Lady and The Zebra

You have heard and also seen images of a mermaid in fairy-tales during your childhood where you look at unique species at the top of a woman and bottom of a fish. And here we have our very own Lady Zebra where at first glimpse you the body of a girl in a blue jacket on the top and that of a Zebra in the bottom. But when we take a closer look we find that there is no real zebra in the image, and it is just one of those models that we often come across in amusement parks. Focus your eyes on the picture, and you will see the lady’s legs and a pair of black boot that she is wearing! Nevertheless, her long jacket does create one of those incredible optical illusions.

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