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15 Most Shared Photos In Social Media! (15 Images)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the era of social media and the speed of internet technology, photos tell an instant story to millions simultaneously. They encapsulate the life and times of individuals knowingly and unknowingly and have the power for good or bad. Pictures are potent messengers that tell many stories. The world is replete daily with snapshots that say to their tales of despair, hope, devastation and even exasperation. From happiness to sorrow, to depression, few can escape the vivid images on display. Others cannot help but feel the sentiments and emotions splashed across the media through photos. The exponential growth of social media has reduced the world to little windows of insight into the lives of millions across the globe. From personal and family moments to celebrity lifestyles, to politics, war, and religion, photos are the new broadcast media.

Barack Obama on Twitter

During President Obama’s reign, he’s interacted with the youth of all ages and races. He continues to be an inspiration to millions around the world. After a spate of racial violence erupted in Charlottesville; the former President is seen gazing into the eyes of a few preschoolers through an open window. It’s a scene ripe with the hope of higher racial tolerance, peace, and harmony. It is often said that windows are likened to the eyes to the soul. If the open window could speak, perhaps the hopes and immense potential among the generations would be revealed. Little wonder, his timeless photo is rated as the most “liked” with more than 3 million views! It’s voted among the 4th highest re-tweeted posts on Twitter.

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