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15 Most Beautiful Women In The World! (15 Images)

They are revered all around the world, and one of their looks can take your breath away, yes, we are talking about the divas who most men want to be with, and most women want to be like. With their glamour, style and apparently, crazy good looks, they are usually seen on the silver screen or magazine covers and of course, our dreams. In this list, we are presenting to you the top fifteen most beautiful women in the world who are appreciated all over the world for their dashing good looks. So let’s get to it and introduce you to the top 15 most beautiful women in the world.

Anne Curtis

Unlike most other entries in the list, this entry might need an introduction to most people. Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith is a Filipino-Australian actress, television host, model, VJ, concert and recording artist based in the Philippines. Born in Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia, she had a Filipino mother and an Australian father who was a World War 2 veteran and married her mother in 1982. In 1997, when she was twelve years old, she was approached by a talent scout to be in a children’s beauty pageant. While her father thought that it was a scam, her mother encouraged it and she began to go to different talent agencies. Her family; however, eventually decided to stay in the Philippines permanently and that’s where her acting career began.

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