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10 Mind Blowing Places For Kids In The United States (10 Images)

Are we there yet? Is perhaps one of the most popular questions kids ask, especially when out on a fun trip, family vacation or an educational tour? Kids love to be out and about, and parents are always looking for new and exciting places to take their kids for recreation and amusement. From water to science and history, fuel fossils and trampolines, kids just love to explore. Amusement parks and historic places of interest make for great essay topics for kids. They open kids’ eyes to possibilities for educational avenues and ideas on future careers in various areas. In and around the United States, are some excellent places for kids to explore, be entertained, educated and utterly amazed. Some of the best places of amusement are found in and around the United States, and they are well worth exploring. One never knows whether one of these tours may produce the next world scientist, inventor, national hero, or even president.

City Museum

Kids get bored pretty quickly, and a great place to really wow them is City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. It is situated in a massive building, with over a half million square feet of space. It is an outdoor playhouse museum full of wonder and surprises. It is a highly acclaimed public space and hosts more than 300,000 visitors each year. The museum has been extended over three floors and has endless attractions for kids and adults. It has a live circus ring, enchanted caves, tunnels, life-size whales, huge fish tanks and a tree house. Kids get to climb through refurbished refrigerator coils to see icicles. It also has a skating park, an art den where kids get to dabble at various techniques.

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