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20 Interesting Facts About North Korea! (20 Images)

North Korea is a country with many restrictions. North Koreans are living in poverty and fear, but they are also doing their best to obey their ruler. Kim’s propaganda doesn’t just ban specific items or actions, but it also brainwashes citizens into thinking this is right. Under this perspective, North Korea seems to be a country that doesn’t keep up with the rest of the world. And even if some facts are public about the abuse that goes on between its borders, some remain unknown. The government doesn’t allow the media to make some of these events general, struggling to keep the country closed. For Kim Jong-un, the international image of North Korea is more important than the real image. Here are some of the most interesting unknown facts about North Korea!

Blue Jeans and Coca-Cola are Banned

Blue Jeans are banned in Korea because they are considered to be a symbol of capitalism. More than that, blue jeans are supposed to be specific to America, and that makes them illegal in North Korea. Banning blue jeans is an anti-America message that leaders deliver to Koreans and an anti-West capitalist campaign. Also, Coca-Cola, as famous as it is around the world, is banned in North Korea and Cuba. Even the Coca-Cola Company found a sneaky way to step on the North Korean market. Coke bottled in China and with Chinese labels can still be found in Pyongyang. But the American Coke remains banned due to the same anti-capitalism propaganda.

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