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15 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump! (15 Images)

Donald Trump may be considered highly as one of the world’s wealthiest citizens. He seems to crave media attention and certainly makes life in America quite exciting and controversial. From his days as a wealthy developer, television reality star, and businessman, Trump is no stranger to rash pronouncements and seems to relish a good public fight. Trump seems to assert an overly confident persona and seems bent on attracting and commanding the spotlight everywhere he goes. While that may be so, he seems to have an aversion for handshaking. It is evident with his meetings with foreign and other public figures to the White House since he became President. While greeting, he tends to draw them towards his body. Here are some other interesting facts about Donald Trump!

Donald Trump and Glenfiddich

Given Trump’s apparent obstinacy, the Glenfiddich affair may be a classic case of “the pot telling the kettle it’s black.” A few years ago, Trump refused to buy products from favorite brewers Glenfiddich of Scotland. The controversy arose because Glenfiddich endorsed an award for one of Trump’s rivals, Michael Forbes. Forbes was highly critical of Trump’s golf course being next to his property and bluntly refused to sell extra acreage for expansion. Although the winner is apparently chosen by popular vote, Trump objected vehemently, citing Forbes’ open criticism of his golf course. He claimed corporate jealousy from one Glenfiddich’s distributors merited a total boycott of their products by all of his businesses.

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