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20 Funny But Hurting True Facts About Daily Life! (20 Images)

While we are living our lives, with our daily routines and spending time with our loved ones, we might get too busy to notice the funniest aspects of it and enjoy them the way we should. And when the most unusual point of our daily life is also undeniable truths, the impact is so far more intense and knowing them becomes a priority for each one with us. Luckily, we put together a list of the funniest truths about the world we live in, for you to get pleasure from it to its fullest! And you will see that, sometimes, the details make all the difference!

Cell Phones Before and Now

Cell phones suffered many drastic changes over the past decades, and nowadays, they even change from year to year. This makes it hard for technology enthusiasts to keep up with the trend and have the best cell phone on the market and the full option kind! But even if the little changes and improvements might be hard to notice, some big ones make the first cell phones more appreciated such as the battery life which used to last around three days, instead of 3 hours in the case of newest Smartphone. Early cell phones were also highly resistant when it came to their impact limit and required no software updates. At first, cell phones had a functional quality and not a mini-computer quality like Smartphone have nowadays, but they also came with no applications or fun options at all.

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