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10 Hollywood Stars Who Died At Very Young Age! (10 Images)

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood have caught the world by storm! Hundreds of stars have motorized to fame and fortune and impacted millions with their talent. However, stardom is not without its challenges, despite mind-boggling earnings and countless awards. Beyond the veil of power, wealth, and influence, the rise to fame for many seems characterized by personal struggles. Doubt, anxiety, depression and relationship issues sometimes eclipse their abundant talent and budding abilities. The shimmering light of many a star has gone out by personal tragedy, drug and alcohol addiction and even suicide.

Brittany Murphy (1997-2009)

Brittany’s sudden death at age 32 cast the spotlight on her brief marriage to fellow actor Simon Monjack. The similarities in the circumstances surrounding their early departure were startling. They died in the same house of the same causes. Brittany was an actress and singer, famous for her role in the movies Clueless, and 8 Mile. She also sang with DJ Paul Oakenfold in the hit single Faster Pussycat. The song made #1 on the Billboard Chart in 2006. She reportedly suffered flu-like symptoms shortly before her death in December 2009. However, the unusual number of pill bottles at the scene hinted at an addiction to prescription drugs. When Simon Monjack, the husband of Brittany Murphy died in the same house, just after five months the mystery of her death intensified. Like, Brittany, his body was found amid a large number of prescription medications.

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