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15 Fashion Trends That Women Love But Men Hate! (15 Images)

Let’s assume that you are one who dresses just to please the person within and not the rest of the world. Well at least you would feel so, and you aren’t likely to tolerate your beau or any other guy telling you what looks good on you and what you shouldn’t wear. There is no shame in feeling that way, but we ask an important question – why do you wear the choicest of clothing, accessories, and make-up when you go out? Why not enjoy them when you are alone at home? Honestly, it is there in the human psyche to dress in a manner that impresses others. Women would try and influence men, and it is quite apparent that they should also understand what men like and what they hate entirely. Here we take a look at some of the clothing and accessories that women are pretty fond of, but men just hate.

Chunky Shoes

Yes, that’s Elle Fanning seen in the image wearing those ugly chunky heels (bricks or horseshow would rather be a better word) at Prada’s Spring Show way back in 2013. These chunk heels invited a lot of attention during the event and bad press in the following days. And these weren’t something that would have impressed Fanning or celebrated designer Miuccia Prada. If online polls are anything to go by guys, don’t like these at all. They have good reasons for this dislike – first, these aren’t something that would add to your beauty, and secondly, you walk more like a horse than a woman wearing them. While horseshoes are meant to protect their hooves, what would you protect with these chunky heels?

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