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15 Embarrassing Photos Captured By Walmart Camera! (15 Images)

Walmart sees millions of footfalls every week and has been satisfying the daily needs of Americans and people in other countries for more than 50 years. It is understood as the symbol of the American dream and sees average Americans and those in other parts of the world by their essentials at highly discounted prices. But along with the regular shoppers, it also attracts a large number of crazy souls who come dressed in weird outfits. Thanks to round the clock security and people with camera phones these stupid people and their bizarre costumes are captured on the frame and widely viewed on the social media. Here we have compiled some of the most embarrassing photos captured on Walmart cameras which can often leave you baffled and amazed. Well, there are no strange people but just ordinary shoppers who wish to make a fashion statement every time they go out shopping.

The Varsity Girl

We have seen how people were their university emblem on their chest with pride but the person concerned in this image seems to have taken this pride right on her back and that too, not a pretty one! Education is meant to polish you and going to a university is a moment of pride for any student, but we can safely assume that the lady never made it to one and this was perhaps her way of expressing anger on missing out. People managing counters at Walmart do come across weird creatures embarrassingly dressed but if there were one award given out each day at the store the girl in the neon green bottom would surely have won the award for the day.

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