Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is significant for the visitor to know the website policy. DeeplyFav always takes care of its visitors, and that’s why we are giving a clear concept to our browsers about the privacy policy of this site and how its work. We ensure that our privacy policy is easy to understand for all of our visitors and reader.

Information Collect
Usually, most of the websites are collecting information through two ways like directly by asking you to fill a standard form where you will have to give different types of information such as name, e-mail address, age, gender, etc. and another method is collect data on the cookies set by our website which will help you in future to reach your desired site/page quickly.  In this website, we are not asking any name, e-mail or another form of personal information. The information which is saved by the cookies is only kept for user better browsing in future. We want to assure our visitors that our website does not share any information to with any third parties.

Cookies Policy
Cookies are a kind of files that can be set on your computer or another device like laptop or tablet or a mobile when you visit a particular site website. Cookies function is to recognize you and help you to find your previous browsing page or sites. Cookies never save visitors personal information and also never share any information with third parties. Furthermore, cookies are your preferences, if you don’t want to accept it; you have the choice to decline to take, or you can delete anytime from your device as well.

DeeplyFav advertising partner Google uses cookies to help you target advertising. It does also help you to find quickly your previous website or product which you have already searched. These cookies keep the information which will help you to see you desire website but not any types of personal knowledge of the visitors. Also, if readers want to disable cookies from their system they can do it anytime. More information about Google Cookies Policy you can find on their official web page: how Google uses cookies in advertising.

Contact Us
If you have any query regarding on privacy policy and the content of the site of this website, please feel free to contact us.