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10 Cheapest Holiday Places In Europe (10 Images)

A century back only the rich and the mighty could afford to travel across Europe. There was a kind of novelty attached to flying as grand hotels were offering royal treatment to their guests. The 1960s saw the arrival of backpackers to the scene and all that changed. These avid travelers wanted to explore the world and always looked to do so at a bargain. Suddenly hostels and cheap place to eat and drink mushroomed all over Europe. But not all cities have been able to sell themselves as dream vacation destinations to the backpackers. Some have taken the lead with fiercely competitive accommodations and other services for budget travelers. Here we take you on a sojourn to the ten cheapest holiday places in Europe.


You may be shocked to find this place on our list. Staying at other major European capitals such as Paris and London would leave you broke, but at Berlin, you can see areas to keep a fraction of what you would need to part within the other two cities we just mentioned. And for once you should thank the communists for this. Most of East Berlin’s buildings have been turned into cheap hostels post-German unification, and these provide just the right kind of accommodation for travelers looking for a bargain. In fact, there is a stark difference between the cost of accommodation in East and West Berlin. If you can afford to spend $60 per day, you are in for a great time at Berlin.

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