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20 Celebrities Incredible Weight Transformations (20 Images)

How many times have you scribbled ‘weight losses’ on a notebook as your New Year’s resolution and turned back on it even before you lived through January? Well, most of us can afford to do it as it hardly matters how we appear. But life isn’t as easy for celebrities who have to live their lives in the limelight. A few extra pounds are perhaps all that is needed to invite paparazzi shutterbugs to capture odd frames and publish nasty articles and captions. This is why celebrities do everything under the sun to keep themselves in shape, and we have seen remarkable transformations over the years. Some have defied age while others have said no to their cravings for food to inspire millions of their fans. Here we take a look at the stories of 20 such celebrities who have defined many odds in their journey from fat to fit.

Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller had trained average women and transformed them into professional and employable dancers with the TV shows Dance Moms. Once she was done with the latest season, we have seen her body undergo transformation and get back into shape. In the last few months, she has shed pounds and got rid of nearly 80% of the body weight around her belly. Not sorry for a woman who has crossed the 50-year mark in her life. Miller who was size 24 has come down to size 16. And it was no crash dieting or hitting the gym that helped her. It is more of stress-induced loss of weight. Once her mother was diagnosed with cancer that is when she started to lose weight.

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