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20 Celebrities Who Went From Rag To Riches (20 Images)

We usually see our favorite celebrities in the spotlight rich and wealthy, but this is not always the real case. While some celebrities had the luck to be raised with plenty of money, others had to struggle and work their way up in the top of the Hollywood stars. And like in any other profession, it took work and plenty of talent and dedication to make it! What is more important is that dreams win and do become a reality as long as they are supported by an excellent ambition and a hard-working ethic. Let’s see 20 celebrities who made it from being poor to being incredibly rich and learn a thing or two from their impressive life stories!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Australia on July 30th, 1947. Both of his parents were very severe, and his father wasn’t much attached at all because he thought Arnold was not his biological child. At 18 years old, Arnold decided to serve in the Australian Army for one year, and he won several competitions. Later on, he won the title of the best-built man in Europe and came in second in Mr. Universe competition. Arnold finally moved to the United States in 1968 when he was 21 years old. He had little money, and his English level was poor as well build he worked his way to success through his performance in bodybuilding. In 1970 he got his first role in “Hercules in New York” under the stage name Arnold Strong, and his career as an actor took off rapidly after that becoming the celebrity we know today.

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