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10 Famous Celebrities Who Dropout High School (10 Images)

Very few people can ignore the glitz, glamor, and opulence of Hollywood. Almost every day, a star is born. Many of stardom’s most popular and highest paid performers did not always live lavish lifestyles at the beginning. Some were born into well-established showbiz families and entered the arena by extension. Others, however, came from very humble backgrounds and survived varying challenges including poverty and substance abuse. Although Hollywood is replete with billion-dollar earners, they did not all start with diamonds and rubies. Many stars do not have college degrees, and quite a number of them did not complete high school.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron was Born in 1972.The 5’ 9” beauty is an award-winning actress, fashion model, comedian producer and author. To date, her gross earnings exceed US$3 million. She is ranked among the top three highest-paid box office actresses in the world. Cameron Diaz started as a fashion model at age 16 and featured on the cover of Seventeen magazines in 1990. She auditioned for her first acting role in 1991 and landed an appearance in The Mask. The film was a huge success, and Cameron emerged as a top earner in Hollywood. Forbes Magazine ranked her the richest female celebrity in 2010, and she is listed among the top 100 wealthiest stars.

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