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The 10 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World (10 Images)

The eyes are two of life’s greatest gifts. The “windows to the soul” reflect the innermost thoughts and emotions. Through the eyes, we get a picture of sorrow, joy, anger, fear, love and even worry. The wonder of discovery in the eyes of a child is priceless. Conversely, the depth of poverty and despair vividly […]

15 Most Beautiful Women In The World! (15 Images)

They are revered all around the world, and one of their looks can take your breath away, yes, we are talking about the divas who most men want to be with, and most women want to be like. With their glamour, style and apparently, crazy good looks, they are usually seen on the silver screen […]

20 Interesting Facts About North Korea! (20 Images)

North Korea is a country with many restrictions. North Koreans are living in poverty and fear, but they are also doing their best to obey their ruler. Kim’s propaganda doesn’t just ban specific items or actions, but it also brainwashes citizens into thinking this is right. Under this perspective, North Korea seems to be a […]

15 Disney Stars Who Have Been Arrested (15 Images)

We have grown up looking up to them, but alas, a few years later, they might have let us down along with themselves by getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies. While not all celebrities are part of this growing trend, for some stars, the Hollywood lifestyle may get out of hands sometime, and you […]

20 Embarrassing Beach Photos Taken At The Right Time! (20 Images)

When it comes to planning a perfect getaway, there are few things that can come close to your time on the beach. Given the thousands of kilometers of coastline that dot the face of the plane, people across different corners of the globe love to laze around, party and enjoy their vacations on the beach. […]

20 Photos You Need To Look At Twice! (20 Images)

You know the definition of ‘optical illusion’ where you are entirely left perplexed looking at an image. Take a closer look, and you may be able to unearth the mystery in these photos. The digital age has meant that millions of images are being clicked every hour and photographers are trying every trick in the […]

15 Most Shared Photos In Social Media! (15 Images)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the era of social media and the speed of internet technology, photos tell an instant story to millions simultaneously. They encapsulate the life and times of individuals knowingly and unknowingly and have the power for good or bad. Pictures are potent messengers that tell many […]

15 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump! (15 Images)

Donald Trump may be considered highly as one of the world’s wealthiest citizens. He seems to crave media attention and certainly makes life in America quite exciting and controversial. From his days as a wealthy developer, television reality star, and businessman, Trump is no stranger to rash pronouncements and seems to relish a good public […]

15 Embarrassing Photos Captured By Walmart Camera! (15 Images)

Walmart sees millions of footfalls every week and has been satisfying the daily needs of Americans and people in other countries for more than 50 years. It is understood as the symbol of the American dream and sees average Americans and those in other parts of the world by their essentials at highly discounted prices. […]