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15 Unknown Facts About Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Party! (15 Images)

A 18th birthday is undoubtedly one of the most momentous occasions in the life of any teenager. And everyone in the family likes making it unique for a girl when she celebrates her 18th birthday. If you are as lucky as Kylie Jenner to have a loving family as the Kardashian-Jenner clan, this occasion turns […]

20 Mysterious Places In The World! (20 Images)

The world is full of fascinating and mysterious places. As tempting as it might be, visiting them all is not always possible for all of us. But hearing their stories can give you chills and sparkle your curiosity every time. Some are famous but some are still undiscovered by the public eye, and they have […]

10 Famous Celebrities Who Dropout High School (10 Images)

Very few people can ignore the glitz, glamor, and opulence of Hollywood. Almost every day, a star is born. Many of stardom’s most popular and highest paid performers did not always live lavish lifestyles at the beginning. Some were born into well-established showbiz families and entered the arena by extension. Others, however, came from very […]

20 Celebrities Who Became On-Screen To Real Life Couple! (20 Images)

Celebrities often find their love on set for different movies and what is even more interesting is that their acting talent helps them discover some feelings for each other in more than one case. Famous couples fell in love while working at even more famous movies and the public was thrilled to follow their relationships […]

15 Disney Stars Who Have Been Arrested (15 Images)

We have grown up looking up to them, but alas, a few years later, they might have let us down along with themselves by getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies. While not all celebrities are part of this growing trend, for some stars, the Hollywood lifestyle may get out of hands sometime, and you […]

20 Embarrassing Beach Photos Taken At The Right Time! (20 Images)

When it comes to planning a perfect getaway, there are few things that can come close to your time on the beach. Given the thousands of kilometers of coastline that dot the face of the plane, people across different corners of the globe love to laze around, party and enjoy their vacations on the beach. […]

20 Celebrities Incredible Weight Transformations (20 Images)

How many times have you scribbled ‘weight losses’ on a notebook as your New Year’s resolution and turned back on it even before you lived through January? Well, most of us can afford to do it as it hardly matters how we appear. But life isn’t as easy for celebrities who have to live their […]

20 Photos You Need To Look At Twice! (20 Images)

You know the definition of ‘optical illusion’ where you are entirely left perplexed looking at an image. Take a closer look, and you may be able to unearth the mystery in these photos. The digital age has meant that millions of images are being clicked every hour and photographers are trying every trick in the […]

20 Funny But Hurting True Facts About Daily Life! (20 Images)

While we are living our lives, with our daily routines and spending time with our loved ones, we might get too busy to notice the funniest aspects of it and enjoy them the way we should. And when the most unusual point of our daily life is also undeniable truths, the impact is so far […]