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10 Stunning Brides Who Are Looking Gorgeous Without White Dress! (10 Images)

For most brides wearing a white dress on the wedding is almost a rule written on the rock. While we have seen the world of fashion evolve over decades something that hasn’t changed is the way women dress on their ‘Big Day.’ An average girl would wear something like her mother and grannies did during their wedding! But in the recent years, we are seeing many women approach their wedding dress differently. They don’t want to be one among the crowd but display their distinct sense of style and fashion on their wedding day. For them a traditional white dress is simply ‘boring, ’ and they don’t see it as a measure of bride’s purity anymore. So here in this feature, we take a look at some of these brides who didn’t wear a white dress on their wedding and yet looked gorgeous.

Bride In Canvas Style Dress

You don’t need to play with style and cut of the dress as little imagination can turn an average white wedding gown into something beautiful. The bride in question did try something unexpected, and it has turned out pretty well. At the first glimpse, it isn’t difficult to guess the inspiration behind this wedding gown. It seems like a masterpiece by a talented artist. We must say that the lady in the picture does have a great sense of art. Vibrant colors that are splattered all around in the gown and create an exciting feeling perhaps best describing the emotions of the bride. After all, wedding undoubtedly is the most colorful occasion in a person’s life.

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