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10 Beautiful Celebrities Who Have Ugly Spouse! (10 Images)

There is one thing that is common among all celebrities, they are either born beautiful or groom themselves to appear above the ordinary. The way they style themselves, the accessories they sport soon start trending among their fans. While most of them find equally gorgeous partners there are some who end up in the company of people who can be termed as ‘ugly’. Perhaps they are more attracted to the person behind flesh and blood and end up believing the phrase “marriages are made in heaven”. We can’t say for sure why some of our favorite stars decided to tie the knot with people who are characterized as ‘ugly’ on their appearance but here we take a look at some of these stars and their ‘not so glamorous’ other half.

Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima is the poster girl of South American beauty and the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angel as she was officially crowned the most valuable model ever in this elite club. So when this stunning beauty tied the knot with ‘just another’ NBA star (read player) Marko Jarić it raised many eyebrows. When hottest men in the world would have fallen into her feet, she seemed out of her senses marrying Marko who just didn’t appear worthy of her in terms of appearance and professional achievements. Recently the couple got divorced and most of Lima’s fans were rather celebrating this news on the social media!

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