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The glitz and glamour of Hollywood have caught the world by storm! Hundreds of stars have motorized to fame and fortune and impacted millions with their talent. However, stardom is not without its challenges, despite mind-boggling earnings and countless awards. Beyond the veil of power, wealth, and influence, the rise to fame for many seems […]

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The eyes are two of life’s greatest gifts. The “windows to the soul” reflect the innermost thoughts and emotions. Through the eyes, we get a picture of sorrow, joy, anger, fear, love and even worry. The wonder of discovery in the eyes of a child is priceless. Conversely, the depth of poverty and despair vividly […]

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Boys tend to go alone when they are looking for a pretty girl to spend their evenings with.However, what they fail to understand is that girls always go everywhere in pairs or groups as they feel safer that way. Therefore, there are more chances of any girl paying attention to you and your company if […]

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Let’s assume that you are one who dresses just to please the person within and not the rest of the world. Well at least you would feel so, and you aren’t likely to tolerate your beau or any other guy telling you what looks good on you and what you shouldn’t wear. There is no […]

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North Korea is a country with many restrictions. North Koreans are living in poverty and fear, but they are also doing their best to obey their ruler. Kim’s propaganda doesn’t just ban specific items or actions, but it also brainwashes citizens into thinking this is right. Under this perspective, North Korea seems to be a […]